This is a metasearch engine which uses a variety of data-sources including my own YaCy/Solr fork with it's own index. There is also a custom search instance for the global YaCy network as well as results from other great yet somewhat unknown search engines such as Mojeek.

Search results from the availble and enabled sources are mixed together and presented using a free software front-end called SearX. There are many similar sites based on SearX. Most of them are focused on scarping the larger commercial search products (Google, Bing, Yahoo). My goals are different: I would like to provide a complete search experience using entirely free and open source software using our own index and other free and open sources which are ranked equally in a transparent way.

The source of each search result is shown next to it. There are also two special results which may appear: recommended and sponsored. Recommended results would be results that are hand-picked by us. Sponsored results would, on the other hand, be paid listings. Nobody paid ever but this could change: The first listing on any and all keywords is for sale.. Please contact if you are interested in purchasing search results. Do note that all bought listings will be shown with sponsored as the "source".


Datamining is a huge industry which most larger corporations participate in. We don't.

Web Crawler

Our web crawler is based on YaCy and it identifies itself as

Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; yacybot/1.921/custom +

This could change; it will depend on how much it diviates from the original YaCy software which is, quite frankly, stupid in a whole lot of ways.

Janitor is customized, configured and administered by Öyvind Sæther.

I am currently unemployed and looking for work (yes, really). Running a variety of Internet services like this one does generate some income but not nearly enough. I am willing do to do any and all work related or unrelated to Linux server administration, C and Java and PHP programming, cleaning, wood-chipping and anything else I am qualified to do in or near Kristinehamn/Karlstad, Sweden.

Making your own search portal

LinuxReviews has a step by step guide describing how to setup SearX on Fedora and Ubuntu.


The statistics page has some less interesting data about the sources used to produce the search results.